It is always good when this happens:-

I see that Bishop Mark is as busy as ever, just having returned from duties in Wales where will he be off to next – not only as our own bishop but as Primus.  It’s hard to tell because his diary on the web hardly has anything in it – and I can hardly believe that it is accurate.

Perhaps the next journey for +Mark will be to go to Ireland and do a census of the snakes to check that St Columba did indeed manage to banish them.   I wouldn’t be surprised to see that on his return journey to Arpafeelie his car will look something like this:-


So, my thoughts are that we as individuals and certainly our churches, make less demands on his time – frankly if we don’t take care of him, and Jane –  who will?

If our Provincial and Diocesan church leaders don’t help in this then we may well end up with a bishop who looks like this:-

Instead of like this:-