A Church Calendar of Special Days

Holy Days when we remember saints and others – you can google for more information about them.   I include now and then more information about some who are unusual or special, not necessarily saints and not necessarily in our own denominational book of saints, but interesting :-


8      Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

11     Daniel the Stylite

12     Finnian of Clonard

13     Lucy (Martyr at Syracuse)

13     Samuel Johnson (Moralist and writer of dictionaries)

14     John of The Cross (Poet and Teacher of the Faith)

17     Eglantyne  Jebb  (Social Reformer, Founder Save the Children)

18     Flannan  (Missionary and Pilgrim)

26     St Stephen  (Deacon,  The First Martyr)

27     John  (Apostle and Evangelist)

28     The Holy Innocents

29     Thomas Becket (Archbishop of Canterbury,  Martyr)

30     Josephine  Butler  (Social Reformer)

31     John Wyclif   (Reformer)