At last a dream is to be realised and the old Lairds Staircase may  be brought back into use in a modern form.    An electric lift may be installed where the old staircase used to be so that those who cannot climb the main staircase will reach the Chapel in comfort and safety.

The Dean has approved the installation subject to planning regulations and compliance with Canon 35 and of course funding being obtained.   The results of a recent meeting of the Dean, a Vestry Member and the Representative of the Stiltz Lift Company will be brought before the Vestry Meeting to be held on 31 August 2016 for discussion and a decision on whether to proceed with the plan.

Should Vestry approve the installation then those who currently have to use the Parish Room and the Video Link facilities will be able to take a vertical lift to ‘the upper room’ and join the congregation.

More on this later