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Jeff L


Once again Gordon Chapel will receive wonderful musicians from around the world thanks to The Aberdeen International Youth Festival (AIYF).  They will give a concert in the Chapel on Saturday 29 July at 7.30pm.

The concert features two international soloists;  Tatiana Serova (Russia) on the Dorma string instrument  accompanied by accordionist Alex Kazakov and  Flautist  Tim Kadlec (Czech Republic) who returns to the AIYF after a successful visit as part of the Moravian Wind Quartet in 2016.

Tickets @ £8.50 will be available at the door.


Paul tells of two people who worked in the church but fell out.  Perhaps as often happens it started as a small argument but eventually grew until it began to affect the whole congregation.  Paul doesn’t give much detail but he says ” I plead with Euodia and I plead with Syntyche to agree with each other (Philippians 4.2).

This happened about 2000 years ago and it still happens – we have rifts in our church don’t we.    This short plea speaks to us today Continue reading “EUODIA AND SYNTYCHE – WAS IT THE TONGUE?”


Do you want to know all about Gordon Chapel – would you like a guide book so that you are better informed.

Well, it’s here now and can be purchased for the very reasonable sum of £4.50   What is it?   Only the latest book produced by Peter Reid.   Peter has spent a long time researching, compiling and editing this book so that we now have a quality product all about Gordon Chapel, it’s history and information about many of the people connected with it.

To buy a copy just go to Gordon Chapel where copies are available in the church.  It is hoped to shortly have buying options on this website.    Do buy copies for your friends – the proceeds will go towards covering the cost of production and profits will be added to the New Lift Fund.    Thank you Peter for your enterprise.

Below is a photograph of the book cover in an appropriate setting.


Jeff L


I saw the script of this mornings ‘Pause for Thought’given on Radio 2, by Bishop Nick Baines, liked it and thought you might like it too. He said:-

“I came across a great line the other day. A hundred years ago GK Chesterton wrote: “Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” And can you blame them, we ask?

Well, I actually have no idea if any of the greats ever expressed themselves on the matter of dairy products; but, I do know that nothing is out of bounds when it comes to words teasing the imagination and sending the mind off in directions it didn’t know were there. As I once said to Billy Ocean: “When the going gets tough, the tough write poetry.”

The point of this is that some people are gifted in being able to look at the world differently – then to shine a light on it from a new direction.
We have just had a group of students from a German university staying with us in Leeds. They all study theology, but, shaped by their own experience of living not in England and emerging from a cultural memory that is coloured by a century of unspeakable violence, they look at things differently. And the gift of it all is that by looking at God and the world through their eyes – filtered through their perceptions – I get the chance to see differently. It is wonderful – as are those students.

And, believe it or not, that is the point of reading ancient texts like the Bible. You enter a different world, and then have to work hard at looking through the eyes of people from a different age and world in order to catch the glint of a glory too easily hidden behind the familiarity and busyness of ‘today’.

I have heard it said that if something is too hard to understand at first glance, then it isn’t worth bothering with. Well, I beg to disagree. Precious stones do not pop out of the ground and on to a jeweller’s display tray. Novels don’t leap effortlessly onto the page and appear in a bookshop. Wisdom does not drip from the Magic Meaning Tree, but has to be learned and dug out and refined and learned.

So, I go with the poets on this one. Nearly three thousand years ago one of them wrote: “The price of wisdom is above rubies.” I say: “Get digging.” ”

Well, I think that Lynne (my pearl of great price!!) must have heard the above broadcast for she has had me digging in the garden – but no rubies yet (grin)

Jeff L