Do you want to know all about Gordon Chapel – would you like a guide book so that you are better informed.

Well, it’s here now and can be purchased for the very reasonable sum of £4.50   What is it?   Only the latest book produced by Peter Reid.   Peter has spent a long time researching, compiling and editing this book so that we now have a quality product all about Gordon Chapel, it’s history and information about many of the people connected with it.

To buy a copy just go to Gordon Chapel where copies are available in the church.  It is hoped to shortly have buying options on this website.    Do buy copies for your friends – the proceeds will go towards covering the cost of production and profits will be added to the New Lift Fund.    Thank you Peter for your enterprise.

Below is a photograph of the book cover in an appropriate setting.


Jeff L


I saw the script of this mornings ‘Pause for Thought’given on Radio 2, by Bishop Nick Baines, liked it and thought you might like it too. He said:-

“I came across a great line the other day. A hundred years ago GK Chesterton wrote: “Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” And can you blame them, we ask?

Well, I actually have no idea if any of the greats ever expressed themselves on the matter of dairy products; but, I do know that nothing is out of bounds when it comes to words teasing the imagination and sending the mind off in directions it didn’t know were there. As I once said to Billy Ocean: “When the going gets tough, the tough write poetry.”

The point of this is that some people are gifted in being able to look at the world differently – then to shine a light on it from a new direction.
We have just had a group of students from a German university staying with us in Leeds. They all study theology, but, shaped by their own experience of living not in England and emerging from a cultural memory that is coloured by a century of unspeakable violence, they look at things differently. And the gift of it all is that by looking at God and the world through their eyes – filtered through their perceptions – I get the chance to see differently. It is wonderful – as are those students.

And, believe it or not, that is the point of reading ancient texts like the Bible. You enter a different world, and then have to work hard at looking through the eyes of people from a different age and world in order to catch the glint of a glory too easily hidden behind the familiarity and busyness of ‘today’.

I have heard it said that if something is too hard to understand at first glance, then it isn’t worth bothering with. Well, I beg to disagree. Precious stones do not pop out of the ground and on to a jeweller’s display tray. Novels don’t leap effortlessly onto the page and appear in a bookshop. Wisdom does not drip from the Magic Meaning Tree, but has to be learned and dug out and refined and learned.

So, I go with the poets on this one. Nearly three thousand years ago one of them wrote: “The price of wisdom is above rubies.” I say: “Get digging.” ”

Well, I think that Lynne (my pearl of great price!!) must have heard the above broadcast for she has had me digging in the garden – but no rubies yet (grin)

Jeff L


Refuel17  – Two events being held in Fochabers on Wed 26 July at 2pm
                                                                                                                                                                     As part of the Refuel17 program several events are taking place in Fochabers on Wednesday 26th July – to which anyone is invited.   A pity that both are at the same time as they look very interesting – I would have liked to attend both.    The two events are:-
                                                                                                                                                              Bellie Church Hall at 2pm –  A Messy Church Session / Seminar  led by Lucy Moore.
                                                                                                                                                         Gordon Chapel  at 2pm  –  A Seminar led by Rev’d Christopher Ketley (from Holy Trinity Church Elgin) entitled – The Mindfulness of God:  Finding God Within you in the Silence of Christian Meditation.    The seminar will look at the roots of this Christian Tradition, how to meditate, and put this knowledge into practise.


Three students from the Scottish Episcopal Institute have spent part of their Summer School in our Diocese and for the past three days have been hosted by The Isle of Deveron Group of Churches and Gordon Chapel with Rev Michael as their mentor.

The students came from Inverness and arrived at Gordon Chapel just as Evensong started.  There was a good ecumenical attendance at the service which it is hoped will inspire and encourage the visitors.

The photograph below shows Rev Michael,  Katrina O’Neil, Jeff Lowndes,  Clare Caley and Russell Duncan.


Jeff L


How often do we in the congregation think about how, week after week, our church services take place and that behind the scenes there are members doing their bit – preparing the various duty rota’s,  the hymns to be used throughout the year,  the floral displays,  getting things fixed when they go wrong or break,  play the organ and much much more.   Let us be thankful and encourage them when we can.      

Perhaps some of us believe in fairies (in my case leprechauns)  for they don’t think about how it happens that our church is clean and tidy, the brass shining, the dusting and hoovering done week after week.   Read on to hear about a mouse who knows the score!!! 

The church mouse meets his foe.

Here among the neat-hung cassocks
Amidst the rows of tidy hassocks
I dwell, a mouse of notoriety
Of whom the poet wrote a diary.

But since that day, my life is meaner
For now the church has got a cleaner!
The congregation come on Sunday
But do not know that, on a Monday
The muck and mess that they created
By her is swiftly dissipated!

She races hither and rushes thither
Efficiency that makes us quiver!
She scrubs and cleans and mops and hoovers
She cleans the windows, dusts the louvres;
And any food that’s left around
Is very swiftly run to ground.

Her industry’s so very great
That we shall have to emigrate!
So you, who come to church on Sunday
Remember those who clean on Monday!

by Nigel Beeton

Jeff L