Given by Jeff at Gordon Chapel (John 15. 9-17 and Romans 8.31-39)

The limits of our language may mean the limits of our world!  So, words are important, especially in the church where we deal not only with daily life, but with eternal life.

Dying words are special.  If you could say just a few last words what would they be?   Perhaps they would include “I love you,” or “take care of mum” or  “don’t make the same mistakes as me – try to live a full life” – and we Christians may add ‘follow Jesus’.
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I’ve just bought some new books of music to widen the range I can play on the piano and organ.   Also bought some new hymn books which have lots of variations from the old ones – many in a lower key which will help some of us more mature folk sing them.    Many with new words to old tunes – I look forward to introducing them to you for contemporary language can often speak more plainly and directly to us – especially to young people.

But the interesting thing is that so many deal with the same subject – Love!  Love found, love lost and love maturing.    You may notice Continue reading “LOVE”

Sermon at Gordon Chapel on Sun 1 October

Given by Jeff L

SERMON – GORDON CHAPEL  1 OCT 17 – AUTHORITY (Matthew 21.23-32)
+   May the Lord grant us a greater understanding of his Holy Word – in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

You’re walking down Fochabers High St – someone says to you – go another way – go now’.  Would you obey or reply – what authority do you have to say that?

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Given at Gordon Chapel by Jeff L (based on Amos 7.7-17 and Luke 10.25-370

Amos had a vision of God holding a plumb-line to a wall.   Why not look at the reading (Amos 7.7-17).

Hand out ‘plumb-lines’ to all on arrival.

When I was in the army as a 16 yr old apprentice electrician, we worked with other trades to learn a little about their construction skills.   They had a vast array of modern tools, many highly technical or mechanised. But one of the most important tools was a very simple one – a ‘plumb-line’ – just a weight on a length of wire. It helped to ensure that things were really vertical.   Continue reading “SERMON FOR EVENSONG 10 SEP 2017”