The ivy growing on Gordon Chapel wall in Castle Street was causing problems for lorries – it had grown so much that vehicles were catching on it, especially the Council Bin Lorry.  The Vestry Committee agreed that volunteers should remove it.   It was planned to do it as part of a Garden Party with the congregation joining in.  But time was against us and so a small team (Janet, Lynne & Jeff) assembled on Friday 2nd September guided by John, a professional gardener who by coincidence was on holiday here and Janet’s guest.  We wanted to use John’s expertise before his holiday ended and he returned to Yorkshire.

With ladders, loppers, saws, grunting and groaning from the team, thankfully fortified with refreshments by Janet, we removed most of the ivy and brambles from the wall but had to stop work in the late afternoon due to very heavy rain.

It is amazing just how overgrown the wall was and the hedging and trees along the back of the church ‘car park’ had grown so much that the tall wooden barrier fence erected by the ‘Fochabers By-Pass Firm’ and the electric point , could not be seen, so that area will also be trimmed


Above are two ‘before photographs’ but they were taken in the Autumn of 2010 during the major renovations –  the overgrowth in the 6 years since then has been amazing.  Look at the ‘fence’ then and now and the ivy on the wall.


Here are some photographs taken after most of the ivy was removed from the wall.   The front and top of the wall are now clear of ivy.


The wall showing the area of earth which it is hoped to turn into something more like a small garden and area of natural beauty.


The hedge at the back of the car park which will be trimmed.

The wall near the Gordon Chapel Garden Gate has been cleared and much of the overgrown foliage on the inside there has also been cleared.

The green waste is being taken to the re-cycling dump by Dave and his trusty trailer.

More photographs will be taken and this site updated after the work has been completed.    Do come and have a look at the improvements when you come to church or pass down the street.