Organisations & Groups

Gordon Chapel has the following groups:-

Young People – Young people of all ages are welcome in this church.  We have a supply of toys and books in the church for the very young to play with. We have a good selection of biblical and church service books especially made for children.   Parents need not worry about ‘fidgety’ children – the pleasure of their company outweighs any disturbance.

Worship Group –  A small group meet from time to time to organise the services and worship.  Currently this group consists of those who are Eucharistic Ministers ( Janet Philpott, Daphne Stevens, Moira Middleton and Margaret Forsyth).

Fund Raising Group

A small group has been formed to co-ordinate ideas and head up the fund raising events  to support Gordon Chapel, it’s mission and ministry and the fabric of the church.  There is room for more members of this group and of course ideas and suggestions from the Congregation and Friends are always welcome.


Organists – We are very fortunate to have two members who form a rota to play the organ but would welcome more musicians to play for us.

The Friends of Gordon Chapel – The Friends are primarily the fund raising arm of the Chapel (more information about The Friends in their own section on the next page).

Busega Scotland

Busega Scotland was founded in 2014 by John and Christine Carney, to support work with vulnerable children and families in Tanzania. Busega is the area of Tanzania in which the orphanage is situated.

The tremendous support John and Christine received from family, friends and former colleagues inspired the establishment of Busega Scotland.

John and Christine are members of Gordon Chapel and we are pleased to help raised funds for this worthwhile charity, part of our mission and ministry in the wider world.

More details from John and Christine at or 07936 383800.

Do have a look at the interesting website for Busega Scotland: