The talks at Huntly continue – they are always interesting and it is worth making the effort to get there, both to hear what is going on but importantly to support our sister churches and their members who work so hard.   Why not link together and share transport.   Contact Jeff L who will cordinate it.

Below is some information on the forthcoming lecture on Wednesday 21st.March  at Christ Church.

“The Episcopal Church has Right Reverends, who are bishops, and ordinary Reverends, who are rectors and suchlike, and in between they have Very Reverends who are deans and provosts. Each diocese has a dean, and I thought that the history of our local deans in Moray might just give a different slant to help us understand our past. Some had unusual accomplishments, some were unlucky, and some might well be old friends.

Alistair Mason was a university lecturer, a professional church historian, and has come back to his roots as a son of the Episcopal Church.”