Archangel Raphael Window

This window depicts St Raphael and in the panel below the Angel leading Tobias.  The Archangel Raphael, whose name means ‘the Medicine of God’, is chief of the Guardian Angels and guardian of all humanity.  He is represented as the benign friend of those he serves and is usually shown as the protector of Tobias on the journey to Gabel in Media.

St Raphael was, therefore, an appropriate choice for this window which commemorates the safe return from the South Africa War of the 6th Duke of Richmond and Gordon’s two sons and three  grandsons.  The installation of this window had been the particular wish of the 6th Duke.  Unfortunately, His Grace died in September 1903 and never saw the window installed.  The St Raphael window, together with the Good Shepherd window directly opposite, which commemorates the Duke himself, was unveiled in November 1904.

The Inscription at the bottom reads:

To the Glory of God in thanksgiving for the safe return from the War in South Africa (1900-1902) of Charles Henry Earl of March, Algernon Charles Gordon Lennox, Charles Henry Lord Settrington, Esme Charles Gordon Lennox, Bernard Charles Gordon Lennox.

The Earl of March (later 7th Duke) and Lord Algernon Gordon Lennox were the sons of the 6th Duke.  Lord Settrington, Esme Gordon Lennox and Bernard Gordon Lennox were the sons of the Earl of March.

Lord Bernard Gordon Lennox on the right together with his two brothers and his grandfather, the 6th Duke of Richmond.

This picture was taken in 1902 and, like the St Raphael window, was to commemorate the safe return from the South Africa War of members of the Gordon Lennox family. The picture shows, the 6th Duke of Richmond and Gordon with his three grandsons (from left) Lord Settrington (who eventually became the 8th Duke), then a Captain in the Irish Guards; (Lord) Esme Charles Gordon Lennox, then a Lieutenant in the Scots Guards and (Lord) Bernard Charles Gordon Lennox, then a Lieutenant in the Grenadier Guards. All three are wearing the South African Medal and Lord Settrington is also wearing the DSO.

Charles Lord Settrington (born 1870) became the Earl of March following his father’s succession to the Dukedom in 1903. He subsequently became Colonel of the Sussex Yeomanry. He became 8th Duke of Richmond and Gordon in 1928 and was Lord Lieutenant of Morayshire. He died at Goodwood on May 7th, 1935. His grandson is the 10th and present Duke of Richmond and Gordon.

Lord Esme (born 1875) subsequently rose to the rank of Brigadier-General and was awarded both the D.S.O. and C.M.G. during the Great War. He served as Yeoman Usher of the Black Rod and Secretary to the Lord Great Chamberlain between 1929-46. He was appointed a KCVO in 1939 and died on May 4th, 1949.

Lord Bernard (born 1878) subsequently rose to the rank of Major in the Grenadier Guards. He was killed in action at Ypres on November 10th, 1914 and is commemorated in the Chapel by the St Michael window.